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Applications now open for the 
The KPMG Future Leaders Program is a charitable initiative focused on developing future generations of women leaders. Funded by proceeds from the KPMG Women's PGA Championship and KPMG Women's Leadership Summit, the KPMG Future Leaders Program annually awards 22 top female high school seniors the opportunity to enhance their personal growth through college scholarships, a leadership development retreat, mentorship, and an introduction to golf. The program's main purpose is to help these young women continue to build a strong foundation and instill the confidence and leadership ability they need to succeed in college and ultimately in their long-term careers. For more information about the KPMG Future Leaders Program, click here.
Applications now open for the 
DEADLINES: Spring - June 1st and Fall - November 1st
This $1500 scholarship is offered twice a year to students who have recently completed an outstanding challenge or are about to embark on a testing or challenging experience in any discipline.  Some of the things they look for in this scholarship include: What drove applicants to embrace a personal or societal callenge?  What are the key elements which they needed to prepare for?  What are (or might be) the key lessons they learned (or may learn) from the experience?  Students majoring in any subject(s) may apply.  For more information, click here.
Applications now open for the 
2023 TGTW Scholarship!
Application Deadline: April 18, 2023
The three goals of the scholarship are to provide financial support, create a mentoring environment, and encourage the spirit of paying it forward. Today's Girl, Tomorrow's Woman (TGTW) is an organization whose vision & mission is to collectively empower women.  TGTW has committed to providing scholarship funds to a graduating senior who has attended the Tenth Annual TGTW Conference.